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Cold Stoke

Rising to the challenge and enjoying mother natures gifts in all their glory. This is COLD STOKE

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Continuous Search

The continuous search to find new ways and places to express the riding creativity within us all

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The Story

Every search has a story that deserves to be told in the collective imagination of our time - digital cinematography

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Cold Stoke Episode 4

Published on Apr 18, 2017With late-season snow falling on the Pacific Northwest, a stoked tribe of snowsurf shredders gathered at Mt. Bachelor for this year’s edition of Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge. A three-day jam session celebrating snowboarding’s roots in the surf, the event featured more riders than ever and an expanded course of banked […]

Cold Stoke Episode 3

Published on May 6, 2016Snowboarding began as a way of riding waves in their frozen form. There are still plenty of snow riders who take their inspiration from surf style—and plenty of surfers who are just as stoked to get up into the mountains. Each year at Mt. Bachelor, the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge […]

Cold Stoke Episode 2

Jason Slezak, Reo Stevens, Fletcher Chouinard and Brandon Clifford head to the Colorado mountains for a snow kiting mission in Crested Butte.

Cold Stoke Episode 1

Cold water kiting need not be miserable. Check out this video of Jason Slezak and friends testing drysuits from a recent trip to Alaska. COLD STOKE There are plenty of people searching for the endless summer. But eventually summer turns to winter, and keeping the stoke going means learning how to handle the cold. For […]